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Distant Horizon Fanfiction Contest Journal
15 February 2008 @ 11:13 pm
Aang couldn’t sleep all night even after what most people around him considered to be a glorious day. He had finally defeated the Firelord, he should have sweet dreams for once, but thinking of how he might never be able to talk to her again made him regret not talking to her for the last two days. He remembered how awful he felt when no one could find Katara and how happy he was when Zuko finally found her, only to be return to feeling awful again when he found out she mightn’t live. It made the conversation he’d had with her seem pointless. If only he had let Zuko and Katara be together, at least then he would have a few good memories with her before the battle.

For Zuko the days after his father was defeated were miserable. He couldn’t get the picture of her lying helpless in a pile of blood out of his head. He wished he had never told her she had to choose. At the time it felt necessary for him to know how she felt about him. But now looking back on it the only thing necessary for him to know was if she would live.

“You need to choose, is going to be me or him.” Zuko said. 

“Yeah, you need to choose.” Aang agreed. 

“Why are you guys even worrying about this the comet going to be here in three days.” 

Katara said obviously taken aback by the attack of them both. 

“We need to know where we both stand.” Aang said pointing between him and Zuko while Zuko nodded. 

“You guys are acting like real jerks. I can’t--won’t--deal with this right now.” Flustered, Katara walked off.

Sokka, Toph, Zuko, and Aang all sat outside of the house Katara was in, in silence. After what seemed like days finally the door to the house opened. An older woman from the South Pole tribe came out. She had a mild smile on her face, which they all felt brought good news. 

“She is awake and has asked to see you all.” 

All at once they entered the house to see her. As they entered Aang knew the person in the bed had to be Katara because as he looked around the room their was no one else that seemed hurt. There were bandages covering her leg, one covering her arm and a black eye. After a few seconds they all slowly sat down around her. 

“They said you only cut your leg.” Toph said looking at Katara’s arm. 

“It’s just a small burn. I’m okay now that I see you all.” 

“We’re all happy you’re okay.” Sokka said putting his hand on Katara’s shoulder. They all talked quietly for a few minutes about what had happened exactly, but the whole time Katara seemed distracted. 

“Could I talk to Zuko alone for awhile?” Katara asked. 

Aangs heart began to race as he looked between Zuko and Katara. What could she possibly want to be with Zuko alone for? 

“No, sure Katara.” Sokka said finally. Sokka and Toph got up to leave. 

“Coming Aang?” Sokka asked. 

“Yeah.” Aang said, looking over his should as he left the room.

As they all waited outside the door Aang tried to calm himself down. After all, she could just be telling Zuko that she didn’t want to be with him. Or they could be talking about something else. In they back of his head he kept telling himself he shouldn’t care about any of that right now because Katara was okay and that should be enough for him. But the fact that Katara was okay made it hard for him to go back to his feelings of it being all right for Zuko and Katara to be together. Finally after what Aang perceived to be an eternity, Zuko came out. 

“Katara wants to see you.” Zuko said displaying no signs of emotion. Aang went in, wondering what she had to say.

Zuko still wasn’t sure that Katara wanted to pick him or Aang, but from just talking to her, he was sure she didn’t pick him right at that moment. He felt he was in a daze. Yet he felt his throat tense up right about, he felt a deep sense of dread come over him. What had she meant what did this mean? Zuko leaned on his back, stared at the ceiling, and decided to wait for a sign from Aang when he came out. Aang could do a lot of amazing things but he couldn’t hide how he felt.

Aang got ready to open the door to leave. He would have to act happy by Zuko even if he didn’t feel it. As Aang opened the door and looked at Zuko he could feel his eyes turning green. He just hoped Zuko didn’t see it.

Aang's face said it all when he came out. She’d chosen him.

Katara felt bad as Aang left, but she didn’t want them to worry. 

“You should’ve told them you were sick and mightn’t survive.” Said one of the healers. 

“I’ll be fine.” She said unconvincingly. I have to be, she thought.

That night one was green with a sickness afraid she mightn’t recover, two were green with jealousy afraid their hearts mightn’t recover.
Distant Horizon Fanfiction Contest Journal
15 February 2008 @ 11:08 pm
It was a cool winter night, the moon hidden by the clouds. Sokka found himself wandering the fields, unable to sleep. His thoughts kept drifting back to what had happened to him since he had met Aang. He met Yue, and Suki, but Yue had moved on to better places, becoming the moon spirit when he was supposed to be protecting her. He couldn’t help but feel a sickness inside, wondering if he had the chance to back, if he could have saved her, and the fish from Admiral Zhao. He still remembered the way her crystal blue eyes sparkled like the crisp waters of the poles.

Then there was Suki, a fierce Kyoshi Warrior. She had captured his heart and had even trained him against the rules of the Kyoshi. He still didn’t know if she was dead or alive. Azula had hinted that she was, but Azula had a twisted mind and was probably lying. He still clung to the hope that somehow she was alive and out there. He had already lost one, and didn’t need to lose another.

The grass below him was soft, and green with the spring’s dew. He sat down he missed his father so much. They had had to leave their father, and the other adults back on Fire nation soil in order to get away. It seemed that everyone he cared about was disappearing.

“Why does this have to happen to me? It follows me and takes whoever I love!” he thought, scanning the horizon on the patchy moonlight. Everything was dark, the grass a deep green, and the trees almost black in the pale light. He looked up at the moon. Yue was there now, a beautiful spirit. In their last embrace she had told him she would always be with him. He remembered how he had seen her in the swamp; she’d startled him by her appearance. He quickly shook the thought from his mind, it was only a dream- the swamp was crazy.

He was green with envy, at how his life used to be, how normal guys his age must be right now. They probably hadn’t lost their mother, or had to leave their father behind with people they knew. They probably hadn’t had to fight, and train to defeat the Fire Lord. They probably hadn’t lost their girlfriends to death, and battle. His life had been so simple before he met Aang. The biggest worry he had had then was to train and watch after the young boys of his tribe.

But the Avatar has brought hope back to me he remembered Grangran saying when they left the South Pole. It was true he had done that, but a lot of misfortune seemed to be the price.

Katara walked over, placing her hand on his shoulder. “What are you doing up?”

“Couldn’t sleep”

She sat down beside him, “I know that these have been some hard times for you Sokka; for all of us. But you have to learn to let go of the bad that’s thrown your way, and think about the good.”

“I guess you're right, but it's harder than you think.” He whispered softly, barely saying the words. He looked up at the moon as a cloud passed by, and for an instant he could have sworn he saw Yue, but then she was gone.
Distant Horizon Fanfiction Contest Journal
15 February 2008 @ 11:02 pm
Slogging through the thick opal mud, in some dank swamp, Jet was grumbling. He was dead. Not just dead, totally soul-thrown-from-body-into-the-pits-of-the-spirit-world dead. Damn, what a way to go. He lying on the cold stone floor of Lake Laogai, staring into the eyes of Smellerbee and Longshot, asphyxiating blood. The next minute he was thrown into a puddle of green slime. Butt-naked. Jet quickly assumed that he was dead. And the nakedness was the fact that souls don’t wear clothes. Well that did suck. Still Jet figure he could will some illusion of clothing so at least he didn’t have to wade through the swamp nude. Now at least he had trousers. Bright lime green trousers actually with cream yellow lemons on them. Why? He didn’t know, maybe he was craving lemon tarts when he willed pants on.

Now still in the swamp, Jet was wondering what was going to happen next. According to lore, Jet was wondering in the bardos of the underworld, eventually he would be judged to, paradise, reincarnation or eternal damnation. Jet hoped the former two would be his sentence. He didn’t know what the latter options would be like. I hope there are some cute girls in paradise…it isn’t fair I died a virgin. Mused the freedom fighter as he nearly tripped a branch. Now he reached large cave with sign that said new souls: Enter here figuring that this might be judgment he walked in.

What Jet found was long line of various people, some were naked like he was previously others actually managed clothes. He saw older fire nation man with scowl in a tunic and mutton chops. Jet frowned at him and saw a very cocky looking water tribe boy. His skin was more mauve than the rich caramel that his people normal wore. Jet figured that his guy might have frozen to death. Yikes. He heard his name.

“Jet! Soul number 378.” Called a voice, Jet sauntered down from the line to a booth in back. His Judge….a large, green, frog wearing a pale yellow tunic, the frog was apparently one of King Enma’s lackeys. His bulging yellow eyes and large throat sac mad him both comical and dire.

“I am Yao Ta Bo, I will be your judge, hmm lets go through your files.” With a ribbit a manila folder two inches thick appeared Jet life-file apparently. The freedom fighter gulped as Yao looked through it.

“Well you’re childhood was normal except for the raid that destroyed your family…hmm the Freedom Fighter thing had good intentions. But the whole total war thing, well I guess that didn’t work out with the Avatar around.” The frog gave a throaty chuckle. Jet pouted, he didn’t like where his was going. No way was eternal suffering was going to be his sentence. Yao Ta Bo continued.

“Despite your obsession with the Fire Nation your twisted sense of justice and your brainwashing, it looks like you live a rather short but wild life. Maybe you need second chance.” The great green amphibian ribbited a few times and looked at Jet.

“Ummm so I am not going to Hell?” Jet meekly asked to the frog-spirit. Yao Ta Bo shook his head.

“Nope, that’s too harsh for you, reincarnation it is! You’ll be reborn as citizen of the Fire Nation!” Jet looked stunned, he spent his whole life hating that race and now he was going to end up one?!

“Wait! Can’t we reconsider this? How about as Water tribe? I could be a water bender, How about that.” Yao ribbited a no and shook his head.

“Lord Emna decided that this next life would be ironic twist to the seemless irony in your life.” Jet decided he would have to beg.

“Oh pleaaaasse! Can’t we make a deal! Anything, just don’t let me be reincarnated…as Fire Nation!” Yao Ta Bo was getting sadistic amusement in this, normally souls that are to be reincarnated are ushered down a hall of couples making love, and they pick one of them for parents. Emna decided to by-pass that and picked out Jet’s parents for him. The frog had sadistic grin.

“Last words?” Jet gave a pleading look; Yao shrugged and pulled the lever behind his oak desk. “See you in your next life Soul 378.” Jet felt the floor open up, and fell down the hole screaming. Yao ribbited,

“Next? Hahn and Zhao?” 

In out of the spirit world screaming, out of the womb screaming, a new born infant was born in small village on a Fire Nation island. The new body was cold and hungry and wanted his mother. The child has handed to a tired looking woman, and in the back of the mind of the new child, was a thought

I can believe I came out of the womb for this sh*t! Reincarnation sucks!! 
Distant Horizon Fanfiction Contest Journal
01 February 2008 @ 09:14 pm
It was his old friend Dilemma calling. 

Zuko wondered in the back of his mind if he could ever simply be happy without having to choose something and mess up everyone’s lives in the process. He glanced at the young Avatar: lip bloodied, nose broken, left arm twisted into an odd angle. 

His eyes, Zuko couldn’t bare to look at them, they were still so strong and sure, confident in Zuko’s good side. They were reassuring; he knew Zuko would make the right decision, and yet Zuko wasn’t even sure what the right decision was. 

On the other side of hall, Katara stood silently, Mai’s knife at her throat, a terrible gash across her forehead, braid chopped off.
Of course it came down to this, Zuko thought bitterly, the Avatar; who the world needed now more than ever, or Katara; the girl who he loved, who had given him everything. 

“Tick-tock Zuzu, time to decide…” Azula smiled fondly down at him over her fingertips, meeting his gaze. “Oh I know,” she pouted, “The heart is such a heavy burden, I can hear it getting heavier from here. Which to choose, which to choose? The girl you love or the ‘happiness’ of this sick, old world?” 

She pushed herself from the wooden throne and walked to the edge of the raised platform. She knelt, petting his hair, and then tilted his chin up to look at her. 

“If I were you, I would choose the girl, she is quite pretty, and yes, the world will burn, people will die, and innocent babes will be plucked from their mother’s breasts… yadidadida, you know the how the story goes, but at least you’ll be happy, hmm?” Azula whispered conspiratorially, and then laughed when he jerked his head away. 

“Oh and do take your time, brother mine, I don’t mind killing them both if you can’t choose soon enough,” She laughed again, high and cruel as Zuko stared up at him. 

“Azula,” he growled. “I will kill you, I swear I will.” 

His sister merely cocked an eyebrow, “Big words Zuko. One day I might just take you up on that promise, maybe when my soul has gotten as black as it can, but until that day, I’m going to enjoy painting it.” she shrugged. “Until you are in a position to bargain, I recommend you do as you’re told.” 

“Kill me, then.” Zuko pleaded. “Kill me, spare them.” 

“Oh dear me, no. I have too much fun messing with your brain to stop so soon. Besides, you’re my big brother,” her eyes lowered and she pulled a hurt puppy expression up. “I could never hurt you, Zuzu.” A smirk. 

Zuko looked down at his hands, he couldn’t do this; he couldn’t make this decision. Above him, he heard Azula sigh. 

“I grow bored with your stalling Zuko. Would you like me to choose?” 

A soft sound made Zuko turn his head towards Katara, who was weeping softly. Weeping for him. He wanted to go to her, hold her, tell her it was all going to be okay; he would figure it out. “Ah, young love. Sweet, is it not Mai? Doesn’t your heart just ache with hope that maybe one day you could have such a thing?” 

The knife at Katara’s throat pressed down minutely, and she let out a small gasp. 

“Mai,” Zuko whispered, “Please, don’t do this,” 

“Oh no, no, no, Zuko. I think you’ve lost the right of influence over Mai. You were the one who left her remember?” Azula examined her nails. “I’ll count to ten, Zuko, and if by then you have not made your decision, I kill both.” 

Zuko let out a small bark of despair, hands clenching over his head. 


Zuko looked over to where Katara stood and offered her a small smile. 


“I love you.” He mouthed. 


Her blue eyes softened despite the knife at her neck. “I know.” 


“We are meant to be together, even if we’ll have to wait a little longer,” 


“I’ll wait forever,” Katara reassured. 


“Zuko, no!” Aang broke in, “The next Avatar will be born again; I’m disposable.” 


“Aang,” Katara whispered. “The world can’t wait for another Avatar to mature. It needs you now.” 


“She’s right,” Zuko choked on his words, but hardened his resolve. “This needs to be done,” 


Zuko took a shaky breath and steadied his stance, focusing his breath into a rhythmic flow. He needed to be exact in this, death instantaneous so no pain would be felt. 

“Zuko, the next number is ten. Have you made your decision?” 

“I have.” 

“Delight me then,” 

Zuko extended his right arm towards Katara, feeling heat coiling through the veins in his arm as he prepared himself. Felt the heat rising from his toes, filling his body, and then a short burst of flame. 

Even as the flames left his body; he felt his heart break and wished, not for the first time in his life, that he had not been cursed with one in the first place.
Distant Horizon Fanfiction Contest Journal
01 February 2008 @ 09:06 pm
"Is this it?" Sokka whispered in the darkness. Toph thought for a moment. 

"Yeah," she replied. Sokka slowly made his way to the black, metal door. The cold, hard metal stung his knuckles as he pounded on it. 

"Who's there?" a voice stirred from in the cell. 




"It's you!"The tired voice said happily. A pale hand poked out of an opening in the door. Sokka held it gently until his eyes met with hers. 

"We're here to bust you out." He informed her. 


"Stand back Suki." She did as she was told. The cold hand slipped away. Without saying anything, Toph metal bended a hole in the thick door. 

"Nice job, Toph." Sokka complimented her. Toph nodded quickly. Suki, shocked, emerged from the hole. 

"How did you?" she started. 

"No time to talk!" Toph dragged Suki and Sokka down the hall. 

"This way!" she pointed and they followed her. They ended up to a door. Sokka slowly opened it and moonlight streamed through the opened door. After sprinting for a while, they were far away from the prison. Suki embraced Sokka in a hug. 

"Thank you," she huffed. 

Toph collapsed on the ground. 

"Night guys," Toph drifted off to sleep. 

Suki looked at Toph, then at Sokka. 

"How?" She questioned. 

"Toph's a metal bender, and we've been looking for your prison for a while," he explained to her. His arms were still wrapped around Suki. Suki grinned. 

Sokka studied her. Suki's makeup had been hastilly wiped off and she was down to wearing a green tank top and a pair of brown pants. Her body looked worn out and tired. 

"What made you want to find me, though?" She asked quietly. As soon as she said that, Sokka pressed his lips against hers. They broke appart.

"Oh," she quietly said. Sokka starred at her. 

"I'm tired." he mumbled and slowly collapsed on the ground. Suki slowly made her way to the ground and curled up almost right next to him. Just as Sokka was about to fall asleep someone whispered. 


"Yeah?" Sokka said drowsily. 

"I love you," she whispered and fell asleep. Sokka starred at the sleeping body and looked up into the starry sky.

"I'd thought I'd never see her again." he thought. Like Yue. 

"At least I was able to save her." he reasured himself. But what if he couldn't? 

A heart is a heavy burden. 

Sokka drifted off to sleep.

"Sokka!!" Suki poked his ribs. Sunlight blinded his eyes as he opened them. 

"Wake up!" She giggled. Sokka sat up and smiled. 

A heart may be a heavy burden, he thought. 

"Come on, we're going back to Aang and Katara," Suki urged. 

but in this case....

"Okay," Sokka said reluctantly. 

It was worth carrying.
Distant Horizon Fanfiction Contest Journal
01 February 2008 @ 09:02 pm
Night had fallen on the Fire Nation. Zuko, unable to sleep, crept out of bed and grabbed for his robe. He walked over to the door, peering out into the darkly lit hall. No one was there, so he slipped out. He had been having the same dream for nights. It wouldn’t let him sleep. As he neared the stairs, he couldn’t help but thinking about the dream that kept accuring to him every night, not letting him sleep.

“Why does this always happen!” He thought to himself, everything bad seemed to always come his way. “Uncle won’t even talk to me anymore!” He stopped by the stairway, hearing voices; he looked around the hall for a hiding place-only a window. He was on the first floor, so he jumped out. Upon hitting the ground, he scanned for guard, and began running across the lawn.

He stopped at a tree, it had always been there as an escape from the palace since he was a kid. He looked up at it and for an instant it was as if he was a kid again, the sun bright overhead. 

Wait-no it couldn’t be...“Mom?” he whispered softly into the night. But she was gone. He pulled himself over the wall and walked the rest of the way to the creek.

His thoughts were spinning out of control…

“Zuko, you choose your destiny, who are YOU and what do YOU want in life!” it was the voice of Iroh, his Uncle. He had always been there for him, for guidance in all his troubles. But now he wouldn’t speak.

“It's because I turned my back on the Avatar. He helped and didn’t give in to Azula.” He looked down at the ground, ashamed by his past actions.

“Zuko, father will welcome you home a war hero! He’ll restore your honor. What are you afraid of? The Avatar is the key, without him getting in the way, Father can conquer the rest of the world.” The wicked voice of Azula twisted in his head, replaying what she had said just before he had turned on Uncle.

“I am proud of you Prince Zuko, for helping your sister overtake Ba Sing Se. And for keeping your loyalty instead of becoming like the traitor, Iroh.” his fathers voice drifted through his thoughts as well.

“He’s not a traitor!” Zuko almost yelled. “He did what was right, he wasn’t a coward like me.” He fell to his knees at the creek side, looking into the waters shining surface.

His heart was a heavy burden now, more than ever before. He looked up at moon overhead, realizing the course of action he was going to take.

“I know what I’m to do now.” He got up and faced the palace “On the day of Black Sun, I’ll confront father. It’s about time I did something that wasn’t stupid in my life, it’s about time I joined the Avatar.” He took his swords out from the sheath on his back, and cut a small row of bamboo down before heading back to the palace. The only thing he would have to worry about now was how to tell Mai.
Distant Horizon Fanfiction Contest Journal
01 February 2008 @ 08:59 pm
“Toph! Toph! TOPH!” Aang shouted trying to get her attention. 

“Whaaaa…..” Toph said snapping back into focus. She was daydreaming of Aang again only this time they were actually kissing. 

“Did I do that earth bending form right?” he asked, his voice hinting, hoping for praise. 

“Umm yeah, sure yeah it was uhh good,” Toph stammered still in a daze.

Err, that’s enough for training for today,” she said walking away.

“I don’t like him!!” Toph kept on reassuring her self while furiously earth bending boulders into a cliff. But I do, part of her thought. A small smile formed on her face as she bended yet another rock into the cliff. But I can’t! She told herself. Oh my gosh this stinks, Toph thought plopping down on the ground. 

“I can’t love him!” she said out loud, her head hanging. The earthbender bangs hung limply in front of her sad, cloudy coloured eyes. 

“Toph! Are you alright?” a concerned voice asked. Toph felt the familiar light footsteps of Aang. 

“What?” Toph asked jumping up, facing him. “Why wouldn’t I be alright Twinkle Toes?” she snapped. The air bender quickly backed away a foot as if his teacher was about to punch him. 

“Nothing, you were just sitting hear alone. I was wondering if you were ok,” he said still concerned. 

“I'm fine,” she mumbled walking back to camp.

Should I tell Aang I love him? Toph thought while rolling on her side in her earth tent that night. She was probably the only one in the gaang who was still wide awake. 

“This is so complicated,” she whispered to herself. Without thinking, Toph crawled out of her earth tent and quiet stepped around her sleeping friends. Aang’s eyes snapped open but he did not move his supposedly sleeping body. He was listening to Toph’s foot steps grow fainter and fainter. The Avatar sat up facing the direction which Toph was walking toward. 

Where is she going? He wondered standing up, following her. Even though it was dark out, the almost full moon shined brightly making it possible for Aang to find his way. He approached the same rocky clearing where Toph and he spent the afternoon earth bending. His eyes scanned the area looking for his friend. Toph was sitting on a rock “starring” straight ahead. 

“Toph, what are you doing?” Aang asked walking up to her. 

“What? Oh nothing,” she said still facing ahead. 

“Ohh, ok then,” Aang said starting to walk away. 

“Wait,” Toph called to him. He walked back and sat down next to her. 

“Yeah?” he asked starring at her. 

“Umm, have you ever had to tell someone something but didn’t know how to tell them?” she asked. Aang thought of his love for Katara. 

“Yeah I have,” he admitted softly. “Why do you ask?” he questioned. Toph was silent. 

“Aang I have something to tell you,” she began slowly. 

“Yeah?” he asked curiosity in his voice. Toph , without thinking moved her head close to Aang’s then pressed her lips against his. After a few seconds Aang pulled away. 

“What the heck was that for?” he asked shocked. 

“I love you Aang,” Toph said softly. She leaned in again hoping for another kiss but Aang jump up. 

“Err I have to go uhh now,” he stammered practically running away leaving Toph alone again.

A heart is a heavy burden.
Distant Horizon Fanfiction Contest Journal
01 February 2008 @ 08:55 pm
Time is an Illusion so is death

The swamp was oddly silent today, then again, it always silent before nasty storm. I took deep breath, feeling the very swamp breath with me. Life itself it was powerful and potent thing. The swamp was proof of that, you either live with it, or…you become part of it, and not in the nice way.

The arrival of Southern Watertribe ships came as shock to most of the tribes and villages around the estuaries and outer fringes of the Foggy Swamp. Most of the villagers looked at the boats amazed and wondered whut in ‘tarnation where they doing here? Du and Tho looked at the ships with sense of confusion and looked at me for answers.

“Hey Huu, whut do ya think those are?” Asked scrawny Tho looking puzzled as the ships dock around the mangroves. I walked forward knowing that these must be our polar cousins.

“Hey ya’ll, Welcome to the Foggy Swamp, I’mma Huu, and these are uhh our tribe.” I introduced to a large and middle aged warrior. He grasped my hand shook.

“It’s honor to meet you Huu, I am Chief Hakoda from the Southern Water tribe, our warriors have traveled far, and we wish to stay here for a little while, we have a favor to ask you and your people.” I laughed having a feeling what he talking about.

“That sounds fine, yer welcome to dock here, I we got supplies and I think I know why you came. Come to the Banyon we’ll discuss matters there.”

We had a large hog-monkey roast, and threw a Ho-down, near the great tree. Many villages came and brought food and drink to celebrate. Most of the polar warriors looked put-off by our people. Considering a lot of them didn’t were a lot of clothes. One remarked that he wished we wore pants. Nobody seemed to mind him though. Hakoda sat beside me and share some Acai berry wine, it had a slightly bitter taste but in the swamp those berries provide a lot of energy. Bato his right hand man, and the man who wished we had more clothes introduced himself to me and Du and Tho. He seemed to loosen up to us which is good, cause after eating and socializing with our elemental cousins. Hakoda got to the heart of why he was here.

“Thank you for the welcome Huu, we needed this after a long travel, but we have a reason that we are here. An eclipse is coming less than few weeks, and our men as well as friends from the Earth Kingdom, are joining the Avatar in a full scale invasion, during the eclipse, when the Fire Nation would be vulnerable. Since you know the Avatar Aang we ask of you as friends that you would join him and us. He needs our help.” The tribe seemed quiet there was murmuring around the people. The swampfolk seem interested about this, and wanted to help. However I’ll be speaking too soon not to say that there weren’t any voices of complaint and worry. Quite a few really as I looked to the back to see a couple I knew very well. I can hear their argument from where I was.

“Dan-dan, I really got a bad vibe, whut if yew git hurt real bad? I don’t want to carry the burden knowin’ that I’ll never git to see you again. Please Dan-dan don’t do this.”

“Aww, Kulap, come with me then, the avatar need our help! You heard the chieftain, and besides a powerful shaman like yew, would be big help.”

I sighed knowing that the shaman Kulap was worried about loosing Dan-dan, her husband. I looked at Hakoda and motioned him to walk with me.

“People carry a lot of things with them my friend.” I started as he walked down path near a clear creek, Hakoda listening to me.

“Yes they do, but then again it human nature to be bogged down with worries and fears. Even I get worried or scared Huu.” I downed my wine and looked at the moon it was almost full I could feel its strong and cold embrace; I looked at Hakoda, thinking about the swampfolk and poor Kulap.

“Carryin’ those weights will end up killin’ you Hakoda. If you let them cloud your mind you will not be clear enough to see what is going on. And that’s what’s troublin’me.” Hakoda look puzzled, but then saw my point.

“I see, you want to leave to fight the Avatar without worrying about what is going to happen to your people?” I nodded. I know that if I go to fight that those men and women will follow me and Hakoda even to their deaths. Could we really sacrifice ourselves to his cause? Could we even afford too? Sighing, couldn’t help but think about that young shaman waking up one morning, and knowing that she will not see, me, Du and Tho and most of all, her husband. Still I gritted my teeth and shook Hakoda’s hand then next morning.

I had no regrets about the decision I made, or burden that I will bear.
Distant Horizon Fanfiction Contest Journal
01 February 2008 @ 08:48 pm
"I care for her too much." Those words echoed in Aang's head everytime he saw Katara's face. "If my destiny ever caused her any pain, I don't know what I would do."

It was late at night, and Aang was the only one awake. He was sitting up, watching Katara sleep, because he could not sleep himself. Everytime he slept, he pictured what had happened in the Crystal Catacombs under Ba Sing Se. He pictured himself getting shot with lightning, and after every nightmare, he thought to himself "What if that was her. What if Katara was the one Azula had decided to kill. What would I have done?"

What would he have done? Give up? Run away again?

By being with her, I only put her at risk...I put everyone at risk. I care for her too much...she shouldn't have to deal with this. Upon her...lies my heart. I love her, and she has to carry the burden of my love.

Aang laid back down, he turned and faced Katara.

My heart is a heavy burden for her to be carrying...so maybe she shouldn't carry it at all.
Distant Horizon Fanfiction Contest Journal
20 January 2008 @ 07:26 pm
It was a cloudy morning. The mist still hung thick In the air and a cool breeze swept through the early morning. The mist was beginning to thin, letting the first golden rays of sunshine down on the sleepy earth. Katara looked around. She knew it would be just like any other day in the firenation, hiding out. She reached for her mother’s necklace, which she wore around her neck. And closed her hand around it tightly.

“I wish I could see you again mom.” She whispered to herself silently. She would have had so much to tell her, her life had changed so drastically when they met the Avatar.

The others were already awake. Toph was bending a piece of metal she found abandoned on the shore nearby. Sokka was busy with his schedule again. That seemed to be the one thing that took up a good majority of his time now, he just had to stay in order with that list, or the world would fall apart. Aang was absentmindedly playing with Momo; the little lemur was chasing a small rock that Aang was bending around in circles. She looked away, she didn’t like seeing him like this, all depressed. But she knew to leave him alone in his thoughts. She was still unsure of her own feelings, and was held captive in her mind as well. The mornings depressing silence was broken when Sokka called her name, releasing her from her endless thoughts.

“KATARA!” he yelled again with annoyance “ What are you doing? Daydreaming is not on the schedule!” He said, pointing at the piece of paper in his hand. “ Everyone else is ready to go.”

“Sokka, I wasn’t-”

“I don’t need to know the details Katara, were almost ready to go anyway. You were in charge of the food, did you get it all packed up, do we have enough supplies?”

“Yes.” She said reluctantly. She didn’t exactly like how much Sokka had changed, they were constantly moving. Although she knew for good reason, she still longed for the old days when they traveled the Earth Kingdom before the invasion. ‘The Invasion…’She let her thought trail off.

“Good, then lets head out everybody!” he motioned toward Appa. But Aang wasn’t paying attention. He was still off in his own world of thoughts. He didn’t look happy like he used to, just deep in an entrancing thought.

“C’mon Twinkletoes! Were leaving now” Toph called making the ground below him shift over, startling him and Momo.

Momo flew over to Appa immediately. Chattering profusely as if the world around him were haunted and out to get him. Appa just grunted in return.

I know.” Was all Aang said getting up. He obviously hadn’t slept well that night. He looked briefly at Katara, but when she returned his glance, he looked away. ‘Why did the world have to be so complicated for him? HE was the one who had to defeat the FireLord to save the world. HE was the one who they wanted the most, He was the one who had let not only his own people down, but all those around him now.

“Aang” he looked up, it was Katara, “ It’s going to be ok.” She smiled at him. Even though she herself didn’t know what really was going to happen, she still hoped for the best. A little reassurance was all he needed.

After flying for several hours, Katara wasn’t sure when she fell asleep, just that she was home. Everything was back to how it used to be, before the raid. But no one was there. She instinctively reached for her necklace, as if reassuring herself that it was alright. But it was gone. She ran to the hut that used to be her home, the icy wind making her shiver. Upon entering, the smell of food came to her, and once her eyes accustomed to the darkness within, she stepped back, startled.


It was true, her mother was standing there, handing her a bowl.

“Katara, it’s been a long time. Come, sit, we have so much to catch up on!” she said smiling.

Indeed, they did. Katara told her mother about everything, from the point that the met the Avatar, up to the last moment of sadness she saw in Aangs eyes before she fell asleep.

“I knew that the Avatar would come! Thank heavens that you’re alright. I’m so proud of you and your brother!” she said looking at Katara again. I want you to know that I will always be with you, even when you feel as though you’re so alone that the sky should just take you away.” She said, getting up and walking toward the entrance.

“What are you talking about? Where are you going?” Katara followed her, and was greeted by new surroundings. The hut behind her, the whole village…gone. She reached for the necklace again, this time it was there.

“Katara, I came to you because you needed me the most!” her mother said in a soft voice, “But our time here is up. Bur no matter where you are, I will always be there watching you.” She was fading away now.

“No! Mom!” Katara yelled reaching for her mother. But she was gone.

“Katara, Katara wake up!” Aang said, shaking her “you wee having a bad dream.” He looked at her as if she were the only person in the world.

She looked out at the horizon as the sun faded into the mountains. It was beautiful. She reached for her necklace again, feeling its smooth surface. It was then that the world seemed to make sense; she knew her feelings for Aang now. She looked at him; His eyes seemed almost silver in this light. “You have no idea!” She smiled at him, and they disappeared into the clouds that covered the darkening sky.