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20 January 2008 @ 07:26 pm
Week #4: Entry #4 [Awaited Reunion]  
It was a cloudy morning. The mist still hung thick In the air and a cool breeze swept through the early morning. The mist was beginning to thin, letting the first golden rays of sunshine down on the sleepy earth. Katara looked around. She knew it would be just like any other day in the firenation, hiding out. She reached for her mother’s necklace, which she wore around her neck. And closed her hand around it tightly.

“I wish I could see you again mom.” She whispered to herself silently. She would have had so much to tell her, her life had changed so drastically when they met the Avatar.

The others were already awake. Toph was bending a piece of metal she found abandoned on the shore nearby. Sokka was busy with his schedule again. That seemed to be the one thing that took up a good majority of his time now, he just had to stay in order with that list, or the world would fall apart. Aang was absentmindedly playing with Momo; the little lemur was chasing a small rock that Aang was bending around in circles. She looked away, she didn’t like seeing him like this, all depressed. But she knew to leave him alone in his thoughts. She was still unsure of her own feelings, and was held captive in her mind as well. The mornings depressing silence was broken when Sokka called her name, releasing her from her endless thoughts.

“KATARA!” he yelled again with annoyance “ What are you doing? Daydreaming is not on the schedule!” He said, pointing at the piece of paper in his hand. “ Everyone else is ready to go.”

“Sokka, I wasn’t-”

“I don’t need to know the details Katara, were almost ready to go anyway. You were in charge of the food, did you get it all packed up, do we have enough supplies?”

“Yes.” She said reluctantly. She didn’t exactly like how much Sokka had changed, they were constantly moving. Although she knew for good reason, she still longed for the old days when they traveled the Earth Kingdom before the invasion. ‘The Invasion…’She let her thought trail off.

“Good, then lets head out everybody!” he motioned toward Appa. But Aang wasn’t paying attention. He was still off in his own world of thoughts. He didn’t look happy like he used to, just deep in an entrancing thought.

“C’mon Twinkletoes! Were leaving now” Toph called making the ground below him shift over, startling him and Momo.

Momo flew over to Appa immediately. Chattering profusely as if the world around him were haunted and out to get him. Appa just grunted in return.

I know.” Was all Aang said getting up. He obviously hadn’t slept well that night. He looked briefly at Katara, but when she returned his glance, he looked away. ‘Why did the world have to be so complicated for him? HE was the one who had to defeat the FireLord to save the world. HE was the one who they wanted the most, He was the one who had let not only his own people down, but all those around him now.

“Aang” he looked up, it was Katara, “ It’s going to be ok.” She smiled at him. Even though she herself didn’t know what really was going to happen, she still hoped for the best. A little reassurance was all he needed.

After flying for several hours, Katara wasn’t sure when she fell asleep, just that she was home. Everything was back to how it used to be, before the raid. But no one was there. She instinctively reached for her necklace, as if reassuring herself that it was alright. But it was gone. She ran to the hut that used to be her home, the icy wind making her shiver. Upon entering, the smell of food came to her, and once her eyes accustomed to the darkness within, she stepped back, startled.


It was true, her mother was standing there, handing her a bowl.

“Katara, it’s been a long time. Come, sit, we have so much to catch up on!” she said smiling.

Indeed, they did. Katara told her mother about everything, from the point that the met the Avatar, up to the last moment of sadness she saw in Aangs eyes before she fell asleep.

“I knew that the Avatar would come! Thank heavens that you’re alright. I’m so proud of you and your brother!” she said looking at Katara again. I want you to know that I will always be with you, even when you feel as though you’re so alone that the sky should just take you away.” She said, getting up and walking toward the entrance.

“What are you talking about? Where are you going?” Katara followed her, and was greeted by new surroundings. The hut behind her, the whole village…gone. She reached for the necklace again, this time it was there.

“Katara, I came to you because you needed me the most!” her mother said in a soft voice, “But our time here is up. Bur no matter where you are, I will always be there watching you.” She was fading away now.

“No! Mom!” Katara yelled reaching for her mother. But she was gone.

“Katara, Katara wake up!” Aang said, shaking her “you wee having a bad dream.” He looked at her as if she were the only person in the world.

She looked out at the horizon as the sun faded into the mountains. It was beautiful. She reached for her necklace again, feeling its smooth surface. It was then that the world seemed to make sense; she knew her feelings for Aang now. She looked at him; His eyes seemed almost silver in this light. “You have no idea!” She smiled at him, and they disappeared into the clouds that covered the darkening sky.