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01 February 2008 @ 08:55 pm
Week #5: Entry #2 [No Regrets]  
Time is an Illusion so is death

The swamp was oddly silent today, then again, it always silent before nasty storm. I took deep breath, feeling the very swamp breath with me. Life itself it was powerful and potent thing. The swamp was proof of that, you either live with it, or…you become part of it, and not in the nice way.

The arrival of Southern Watertribe ships came as shock to most of the tribes and villages around the estuaries and outer fringes of the Foggy Swamp. Most of the villagers looked at the boats amazed and wondered whut in ‘tarnation where they doing here? Du and Tho looked at the ships with sense of confusion and looked at me for answers.

“Hey Huu, whut do ya think those are?” Asked scrawny Tho looking puzzled as the ships dock around the mangroves. I walked forward knowing that these must be our polar cousins.

“Hey ya’ll, Welcome to the Foggy Swamp, I’mma Huu, and these are uhh our tribe.” I introduced to a large and middle aged warrior. He grasped my hand shook.

“It’s honor to meet you Huu, I am Chief Hakoda from the Southern Water tribe, our warriors have traveled far, and we wish to stay here for a little while, we have a favor to ask you and your people.” I laughed having a feeling what he talking about.

“That sounds fine, yer welcome to dock here, I we got supplies and I think I know why you came. Come to the Banyon we’ll discuss matters there.”

We had a large hog-monkey roast, and threw a Ho-down, near the great tree. Many villages came and brought food and drink to celebrate. Most of the polar warriors looked put-off by our people. Considering a lot of them didn’t were a lot of clothes. One remarked that he wished we wore pants. Nobody seemed to mind him though. Hakoda sat beside me and share some Acai berry wine, it had a slightly bitter taste but in the swamp those berries provide a lot of energy. Bato his right hand man, and the man who wished we had more clothes introduced himself to me and Du and Tho. He seemed to loosen up to us which is good, cause after eating and socializing with our elemental cousins. Hakoda got to the heart of why he was here.

“Thank you for the welcome Huu, we needed this after a long travel, but we have a reason that we are here. An eclipse is coming less than few weeks, and our men as well as friends from the Earth Kingdom, are joining the Avatar in a full scale invasion, during the eclipse, when the Fire Nation would be vulnerable. Since you know the Avatar Aang we ask of you as friends that you would join him and us. He needs our help.” The tribe seemed quiet there was murmuring around the people. The swampfolk seem interested about this, and wanted to help. However I’ll be speaking too soon not to say that there weren’t any voices of complaint and worry. Quite a few really as I looked to the back to see a couple I knew very well. I can hear their argument from where I was.

“Dan-dan, I really got a bad vibe, whut if yew git hurt real bad? I don’t want to carry the burden knowin’ that I’ll never git to see you again. Please Dan-dan don’t do this.”

“Aww, Kulap, come with me then, the avatar need our help! You heard the chieftain, and besides a powerful shaman like yew, would be big help.”

I sighed knowing that the shaman Kulap was worried about loosing Dan-dan, her husband. I looked at Hakoda and motioned him to walk with me.

“People carry a lot of things with them my friend.” I started as he walked down path near a clear creek, Hakoda listening to me.

“Yes they do, but then again it human nature to be bogged down with worries and fears. Even I get worried or scared Huu.” I downed my wine and looked at the moon it was almost full I could feel its strong and cold embrace; I looked at Hakoda, thinking about the swampfolk and poor Kulap.

“Carryin’ those weights will end up killin’ you Hakoda. If you let them cloud your mind you will not be clear enough to see what is going on. And that’s what’s troublin’me.” Hakoda look puzzled, but then saw my point.

“I see, you want to leave to fight the Avatar without worrying about what is going to happen to your people?” I nodded. I know that if I go to fight that those men and women will follow me and Hakoda even to their deaths. Could we really sacrifice ourselves to his cause? Could we even afford too? Sighing, couldn’t help but think about that young shaman waking up one morning, and knowing that she will not see, me, Du and Tho and most of all, her husband. Still I gritted my teeth and shook Hakoda’s hand then next morning.

I had no regrets about the decision I made, or burden that I will bear.