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01 February 2008 @ 08:59 pm
Week #5: Entry #3  
“Toph! Toph! TOPH!” Aang shouted trying to get her attention. 

“Whaaaa…..” Toph said snapping back into focus. She was daydreaming of Aang again only this time they were actually kissing. 

“Did I do that earth bending form right?” he asked, his voice hinting, hoping for praise. 

“Umm yeah, sure yeah it was uhh good,” Toph stammered still in a daze.

Err, that’s enough for training for today,” she said walking away.

“I don’t like him!!” Toph kept on reassuring her self while furiously earth bending boulders into a cliff. But I do, part of her thought. A small smile formed on her face as she bended yet another rock into the cliff. But I can’t! She told herself. Oh my gosh this stinks, Toph thought plopping down on the ground. 

“I can’t love him!” she said out loud, her head hanging. The earthbender bangs hung limply in front of her sad, cloudy coloured eyes. 

“Toph! Are you alright?” a concerned voice asked. Toph felt the familiar light footsteps of Aang. 

“What?” Toph asked jumping up, facing him. “Why wouldn’t I be alright Twinkle Toes?” she snapped. The air bender quickly backed away a foot as if his teacher was about to punch him. 

“Nothing, you were just sitting hear alone. I was wondering if you were ok,” he said still concerned. 

“I'm fine,” she mumbled walking back to camp.

Should I tell Aang I love him? Toph thought while rolling on her side in her earth tent that night. She was probably the only one in the gaang who was still wide awake. 

“This is so complicated,” she whispered to herself. Without thinking, Toph crawled out of her earth tent and quiet stepped around her sleeping friends. Aang’s eyes snapped open but he did not move his supposedly sleeping body. He was listening to Toph’s foot steps grow fainter and fainter. The Avatar sat up facing the direction which Toph was walking toward. 

Where is she going? He wondered standing up, following her. Even though it was dark out, the almost full moon shined brightly making it possible for Aang to find his way. He approached the same rocky clearing where Toph and he spent the afternoon earth bending. His eyes scanned the area looking for his friend. Toph was sitting on a rock “starring” straight ahead. 

“Toph, what are you doing?” Aang asked walking up to her. 

“What? Oh nothing,” she said still facing ahead. 

“Ohh, ok then,” Aang said starting to walk away. 

“Wait,” Toph called to him. He walked back and sat down next to her. 

“Yeah?” he asked starring at her. 

“Umm, have you ever had to tell someone something but didn’t know how to tell them?” she asked. Aang thought of his love for Katara. 

“Yeah I have,” he admitted softly. “Why do you ask?” he questioned. Toph was silent. 

“Aang I have something to tell you,” she began slowly. 

“Yeah?” he asked curiosity in his voice. Toph , without thinking moved her head close to Aang’s then pressed her lips against his. After a few seconds Aang pulled away. 

“What the heck was that for?” he asked shocked. 

“I love you Aang,” Toph said softly. She leaned in again hoping for another kiss but Aang jump up. 

“Err I have to go uhh now,” he stammered practically running away leaving Toph alone again.

A heart is a heavy burden.