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01 February 2008 @ 09:02 pm
Week #5: Entry #4  
Night had fallen on the Fire Nation. Zuko, unable to sleep, crept out of bed and grabbed for his robe. He walked over to the door, peering out into the darkly lit hall. No one was there, so he slipped out. He had been having the same dream for nights. It wouldn’t let him sleep. As he neared the stairs, he couldn’t help but thinking about the dream that kept accuring to him every night, not letting him sleep.

“Why does this always happen!” He thought to himself, everything bad seemed to always come his way. “Uncle won’t even talk to me anymore!” He stopped by the stairway, hearing voices; he looked around the hall for a hiding place-only a window. He was on the first floor, so he jumped out. Upon hitting the ground, he scanned for guard, and began running across the lawn.

He stopped at a tree, it had always been there as an escape from the palace since he was a kid. He looked up at it and for an instant it was as if he was a kid again, the sun bright overhead. 

Wait-no it couldn’t be...“Mom?” he whispered softly into the night. But she was gone. He pulled himself over the wall and walked the rest of the way to the creek.

His thoughts were spinning out of control…

“Zuko, you choose your destiny, who are YOU and what do YOU want in life!” it was the voice of Iroh, his Uncle. He had always been there for him, for guidance in all his troubles. But now he wouldn’t speak.

“It's because I turned my back on the Avatar. He helped and didn’t give in to Azula.” He looked down at the ground, ashamed by his past actions.

“Zuko, father will welcome you home a war hero! He’ll restore your honor. What are you afraid of? The Avatar is the key, without him getting in the way, Father can conquer the rest of the world.” The wicked voice of Azula twisted in his head, replaying what she had said just before he had turned on Uncle.

“I am proud of you Prince Zuko, for helping your sister overtake Ba Sing Se. And for keeping your loyalty instead of becoming like the traitor, Iroh.” his fathers voice drifted through his thoughts as well.

“He’s not a traitor!” Zuko almost yelled. “He did what was right, he wasn’t a coward like me.” He fell to his knees at the creek side, looking into the waters shining surface.

His heart was a heavy burden now, more than ever before. He looked up at moon overhead, realizing the course of action he was going to take.

“I know what I’m to do now.” He got up and faced the palace “On the day of Black Sun, I’ll confront father. It’s about time I did something that wasn’t stupid in my life, it’s about time I joined the Avatar.” He took his swords out from the sheath on his back, and cut a small row of bamboo down before heading back to the palace. The only thing he would have to worry about now was how to tell Mai.