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01 February 2008 @ 09:06 pm
Week #5: Entry #5  
"Is this it?" Sokka whispered in the darkness. Toph thought for a moment. 

"Yeah," she replied. Sokka slowly made his way to the black, metal door. The cold, hard metal stung his knuckles as he pounded on it. 

"Who's there?" a voice stirred from in the cell. 




"It's you!"The tired voice said happily. A pale hand poked out of an opening in the door. Sokka held it gently until his eyes met with hers. 

"We're here to bust you out." He informed her. 


"Stand back Suki." She did as she was told. The cold hand slipped away. Without saying anything, Toph metal bended a hole in the thick door. 

"Nice job, Toph." Sokka complimented her. Toph nodded quickly. Suki, shocked, emerged from the hole. 

"How did you?" she started. 

"No time to talk!" Toph dragged Suki and Sokka down the hall. 

"This way!" she pointed and they followed her. They ended up to a door. Sokka slowly opened it and moonlight streamed through the opened door. After sprinting for a while, they were far away from the prison. Suki embraced Sokka in a hug. 

"Thank you," she huffed. 

Toph collapsed on the ground. 

"Night guys," Toph drifted off to sleep. 

Suki looked at Toph, then at Sokka. 

"How?" She questioned. 

"Toph's a metal bender, and we've been looking for your prison for a while," he explained to her. His arms were still wrapped around Suki. Suki grinned. 

Sokka studied her. Suki's makeup had been hastilly wiped off and she was down to wearing a green tank top and a pair of brown pants. Her body looked worn out and tired. 

"What made you want to find me, though?" She asked quietly. As soon as she said that, Sokka pressed his lips against hers. They broke appart.

"Oh," she quietly said. Sokka starred at her. 

"I'm tired." he mumbled and slowly collapsed on the ground. Suki slowly made her way to the ground and curled up almost right next to him. Just as Sokka was about to fall asleep someone whispered. 


"Yeah?" Sokka said drowsily. 

"I love you," she whispered and fell asleep. Sokka starred at the sleeping body and looked up into the starry sky.

"I'd thought I'd never see her again." he thought. Like Yue. 

"At least I was able to save her." he reasured himself. But what if he couldn't? 

A heart is a heavy burden. 

Sokka drifted off to sleep.

"Sokka!!" Suki poked his ribs. Sunlight blinded his eyes as he opened them. 

"Wake up!" She giggled. Sokka sat up and smiled. 

A heart may be a heavy burden, he thought. 

"Come on, we're going back to Aang and Katara," Suki urged. 

but in this case....

"Okay," Sokka said reluctantly. 

It was worth carrying.