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15 February 2008 @ 11:08 pm
Week #6: Entry #2  
It was a cool winter night, the moon hidden by the clouds. Sokka found himself wandering the fields, unable to sleep. His thoughts kept drifting back to what had happened to him since he had met Aang. He met Yue, and Suki, but Yue had moved on to better places, becoming the moon spirit when he was supposed to be protecting her. He couldn’t help but feel a sickness inside, wondering if he had the chance to back, if he could have saved her, and the fish from Admiral Zhao. He still remembered the way her crystal blue eyes sparkled like the crisp waters of the poles.

Then there was Suki, a fierce Kyoshi Warrior. She had captured his heart and had even trained him against the rules of the Kyoshi. He still didn’t know if she was dead or alive. Azula had hinted that she was, but Azula had a twisted mind and was probably lying. He still clung to the hope that somehow she was alive and out there. He had already lost one, and didn’t need to lose another.

The grass below him was soft, and green with the spring’s dew. He sat down he missed his father so much. They had had to leave their father, and the other adults back on Fire nation soil in order to get away. It seemed that everyone he cared about was disappearing.

“Why does this have to happen to me? It follows me and takes whoever I love!” he thought, scanning the horizon on the patchy moonlight. Everything was dark, the grass a deep green, and the trees almost black in the pale light. He looked up at the moon. Yue was there now, a beautiful spirit. In their last embrace she had told him she would always be with him. He remembered how he had seen her in the swamp; she’d startled him by her appearance. He quickly shook the thought from his mind, it was only a dream- the swamp was crazy.

He was green with envy, at how his life used to be, how normal guys his age must be right now. They probably hadn’t lost their mother, or had to leave their father behind with people they knew. They probably hadn’t had to fight, and train to defeat the Fire Lord. They probably hadn’t lost their girlfriends to death, and battle. His life had been so simple before he met Aang. The biggest worry he had had then was to train and watch after the young boys of his tribe.

But the Avatar has brought hope back to me he remembered Grangran saying when they left the South Pole. It was true he had done that, but a lot of misfortune seemed to be the price.

Katara walked over, placing her hand on his shoulder. “What are you doing up?”

“Couldn’t sleep”

She sat down beside him, “I know that these have been some hard times for you Sokka; for all of us. But you have to learn to let go of the bad that’s thrown your way, and think about the good.”

“I guess you're right, but it's harder than you think.” He whispered softly, barely saying the words. He looked up at the moon as a cloud passed by, and for an instant he could have sworn he saw Yue, but then she was gone.