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15 February 2008 @ 11:13 pm
Week #6: Entry #3  
Aang couldn’t sleep all night even after what most people around him considered to be a glorious day. He had finally defeated the Firelord, he should have sweet dreams for once, but thinking of how he might never be able to talk to her again made him regret not talking to her for the last two days. He remembered how awful he felt when no one could find Katara and how happy he was when Zuko finally found her, only to be return to feeling awful again when he found out she mightn’t live. It made the conversation he’d had with her seem pointless. If only he had let Zuko and Katara be together, at least then he would have a few good memories with her before the battle.

For Zuko the days after his father was defeated were miserable. He couldn’t get the picture of her lying helpless in a pile of blood out of his head. He wished he had never told her she had to choose. At the time it felt necessary for him to know how she felt about him. But now looking back on it the only thing necessary for him to know was if she would live.

“You need to choose, is going to be me or him.” Zuko said. 

“Yeah, you need to choose.” Aang agreed. 

“Why are you guys even worrying about this the comet going to be here in three days.” 

Katara said obviously taken aback by the attack of them both. 

“We need to know where we both stand.” Aang said pointing between him and Zuko while Zuko nodded. 

“You guys are acting like real jerks. I can’t--won’t--deal with this right now.” Flustered, Katara walked off.

Sokka, Toph, Zuko, and Aang all sat outside of the house Katara was in, in silence. After what seemed like days finally the door to the house opened. An older woman from the South Pole tribe came out. She had a mild smile on her face, which they all felt brought good news. 

“She is awake and has asked to see you all.” 

All at once they entered the house to see her. As they entered Aang knew the person in the bed had to be Katara because as he looked around the room their was no one else that seemed hurt. There were bandages covering her leg, one covering her arm and a black eye. After a few seconds they all slowly sat down around her. 

“They said you only cut your leg.” Toph said looking at Katara’s arm. 

“It’s just a small burn. I’m okay now that I see you all.” 

“We’re all happy you’re okay.” Sokka said putting his hand on Katara’s shoulder. They all talked quietly for a few minutes about what had happened exactly, but the whole time Katara seemed distracted. 

“Could I talk to Zuko alone for awhile?” Katara asked. 

Aangs heart began to race as he looked between Zuko and Katara. What could she possibly want to be with Zuko alone for? 

“No, sure Katara.” Sokka said finally. Sokka and Toph got up to leave. 

“Coming Aang?” Sokka asked. 

“Yeah.” Aang said, looking over his should as he left the room.

As they all waited outside the door Aang tried to calm himself down. After all, she could just be telling Zuko that she didn’t want to be with him. Or they could be talking about something else. In they back of his head he kept telling himself he shouldn’t care about any of that right now because Katara was okay and that should be enough for him. But the fact that Katara was okay made it hard for him to go back to his feelings of it being all right for Zuko and Katara to be together. Finally after what Aang perceived to be an eternity, Zuko came out. 

“Katara wants to see you.” Zuko said displaying no signs of emotion. Aang went in, wondering what she had to say.

Zuko still wasn’t sure that Katara wanted to pick him or Aang, but from just talking to her, he was sure she didn’t pick him right at that moment. He felt he was in a daze. Yet he felt his throat tense up right about, he felt a deep sense of dread come over him. What had she meant what did this mean? Zuko leaned on his back, stared at the ceiling, and decided to wait for a sign from Aang when he came out. Aang could do a lot of amazing things but he couldn’t hide how he felt.

Aang got ready to open the door to leave. He would have to act happy by Zuko even if he didn’t feel it. As Aang opened the door and looked at Zuko he could feel his eyes turning green. He just hoped Zuko didn’t see it.

Aang's face said it all when he came out. She’d chosen him.

Katara felt bad as Aang left, but she didn’t want them to worry. 

“You should’ve told them you were sick and mightn’t survive.” Said one of the healers. 

“I’ll be fine.” She said unconvincingly. I have to be, she thought.

That night one was green with a sickness afraid she mightn’t recover, two were green with jealousy afraid their hearts mightn’t recover.